Solids photograph best. Avoid extreme prints, stripes, and plaids.

Also, pastels are not a good choice. Make it interesting with a variety of colors, with several different looks.

Complete your outfit from head to toe (including shoes).

From dressy to casual and don’t forget to pick something mom or grandma would like.

Be sure your clothes are pressed and on hangers.
Hangers keep your clothes looking nice.

Avoid clothing with large logos and wording on them.

White socks are not a good choice.

Avoid new hairstyles or cutting your hair right before your session (it is best to trim hair a least a week prior to your session so you don’t have that new cut look). Bring your hair care products with you.

Bring them. If you could let us know what you are bringing that would be appreciated.

Check with your optometrist, most will loan you a set of empty frames.
Most glasses glare.

Keep it simple.

CLOTHING- Make sure your clothes fit. Baggy clothes are not very flattering.

MAKE-UP- Bring it with you, and should be slightly heavier than usual.

FINGER & TOE NAILS- Your finger and/or toe nails will probably show so make sure they look their best.

LAKE/WATERFALL- Be certain your clothing choices will have adequate coverage. Lighter color clothing is best with faded denim. Avoid bright colors.
AVOID tan lines, sunburns, and peeling skin.

AVOID- Tennis shoes, remember to dress from head to toe.

SHAVING- Make sure you are clean shaven.

HAIR- It is a good idea to have your hair trimmed at least one week prior to your session, and avoid a new style.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call 918-369-6019